The visibility on the Internet is certainly an important thing for those who have to do with the music then becomes almost mandatory.

So here I can post my music, my photos, my canvas [hobby]; report updates, write my posts and give links to other interesting things that I more or less regularly find on the internet…


  • Between 1984 and 1990 dedicated to the study classical and modern guitar
  • January 1991 started to study sax
  • attended courses at Umbria Jazz Clinics of Berklee School july 93,
  • Siena Jazz summer seminars 94
  • Siena Jazz CPM, November 1994 – June 1995
  • first demo released in 2004
  • 1st album: ELEVEN released on 2011
  • 2nd album: O. M. released on 2015
  • 3rd album: Works 2010-2015 released on 2016
  • 4th album: Peer and Odd released on 2016

Currently looking for a Drummer and a Bass-Player to start up a Project for gigs