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Between 1984 and 1990 dedicated to the study classical and modern guitar
January 1991: he started to study sax
Attended courses at Umbria Jazz Clinics of Berklee School july 1993
Siena Jazz summer seminars 1994
Siena Jazz CPM, November 1994 - June 1995
First demo released on 2004
1st album: ELEVEN released on 2011
2nd album: O. M. released on 2015
3rd album: Works 2010-2015 released on 2016
4th album: PEER and ODD released on 2016
1st single: Ave Maria released on 2016
5th album: V released on 2017
6th album: PORTAL released on 2018
2nd single: And Laughing released on 2018
3rd single: Sing It released on 2019
4th single: It Matters So Few released on 2019
7th album: M87 released on 2019

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