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Between 1984 and 1990 dedicated to the study classical and modern guitar
January 1991: he started to study sax
Attended courses at Umbria Jazz Clinics of Berklee School july 1993
Siena Jazz summer seminars 1994
Siena Jazz CPM, November 1994 - June 1995
First demo released on 2004
1st album: ELEVEN released on 2011
2nd album: O. M. released on 2015
3rd album: Works 2010-2015 released on 2016
4th album: PEER and ODD released on 2016
1st single: Ave Maria released on 2016
5th album: V released on 2017
6th album PORTAL released on 2018

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Visit my official blog to stay updated. On my blog you can read not only about me and my music but my interests too, and about Life and the web. You can find also the lyrics of my songs. And you can see my canvas too... you can find more AT Giuliano Perticara blog